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About The Beardsley Studio

The Beardsley Studio strives to Protect and Enhance Your Investment 
in exceptional photography in every way. Four years ago, The Beardsley
Studio moved to a 100% digital format. As a general rule we do Not
manipulate or change our Photographs in any way. In the extremely
rare instance were we may have changed anything, the change will be
clearly and precisely noted in the description of the Photograph.
Otherwise, you can rest assured that our Photographs are completely
un-manipulated, making them True Photographs.

Many artists think that 8 x 10 or smaller photographs are "good enough" 
for their patrons and their craft, and that's fine for them. The
Beardsley Studio
photographs will vary in size and the size will always
be stated in the offering. However, The Beardsley Studio will NEVER
Offer SMALL 8 x 10 photographs as investment opportunities or
personal enjoyment to our valued patrons.

Every photograph from The Beardsley Studio is printed on archival 
paper and utilizing archival inks that are expected to last at least
seventy years before any noticeable fading occurs.

All "Signature Series"  photographs are mounted with acid-free matting 
in a distinctively beautiful, custom, fine wood frame of our own design.
Each frame is hand made from raw stock in our studio. While the
profile of frames and the type of wood will vary, every frame from
The Beardsley Studio
has our Elegant Hallmark Bridle Corner Joint

with a contrasting peg. Additionally each frame has a distinguishing

Brass Picture Tag engraved with our name and the year printed.
One more way of insuring that you have an Original of The Beardsley

Every aspect for lasting and increasing value has been considered for 
our valued customers. Along with our custom hand made wood frame,
we only use Crystal Clean, Low Iron, UV-Blocking, anti-reflective clear
Museum Glass. Glass with such exceptional clarity that it's hard
for the eye to discern it's there. What does this mean for you, our
valued patron? Brighter Images, Crisper Colors, No Distortion and
certainly one of the highest levels of UV Protection available, insuring
your lasting enjoyment and investment. The Guild for Fine Art Care
and Treatment Standards
recommend a minimum UV blocking level of 97
percent for the range of 300 to 380 nm. The UV Blocking glass that
The Beardsley Studio
provides with our photographs exceeds this
recommendation. You should always verify the type of paper, inks and
glass used before you purchase any fine art photograph.

We know you will appreciate and enjoy your purchase for years to come.

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