The Beardsley Studio

Exceptional Photography

Our "Signature Series" Photographs

Our "Signature Series"  and "Limited Edition Signature Series"  
photographs are Signed, Numbered and Dated in pencil.

A word about Signed and Numbered photographs.  While many artists 
offer signed and numbered prints, often their editions are in the hundreds
or even a thousand, and that is for each size print that they offer. There
could be thousands of signed and numbered copies of the same photograph!
This only decreases the significance and value of their signed and numbered
photograph, a practice that is unacceptable to us.

Our "Signature Series"  photographs are offered only
in one size and will Never have more than
Twenty (20)
photographs in an Edition, period!
This insures their
lasting value and appreciation.

The Edition numbering system is "xx/20" where "xx" is the number of 
your photograph in the Edition. The Artist will always maintain Edition
number "1/20".

Occasionally, The Beardsley Studio  will have smaller "Limited Edition 
Signature Series
" offerings, consisting of Ten (10) photographs or less.
When available, Limited Edition Signature Series photographs are a
rare and unique opportunity to own a Truly Exceptional Photograph. An
opportunity you won't want to miss!

The profile and type of wood of our custom designed, hand made frames 
will vary from Edition to Edition, however, the profile of the frame and
the type of wood will be the same throughout the entire Edition, thus
insuring the consistency and value of the edition.

The Beardsley Studio  Guarantees that our Signature Series  and 
Limited Edition Signature Series
photographs will Never exceed the
stated quantity. This assures you complete confidence that your
purchase of a Signature
Series or a Limited Edition Signature Series
photograph will maintain its value now and most assuredly increase in
the future. Each Signature Series and Limited Edition Signature
photograph also comes with a Signed “Certificate of
Authenticity” from The Beardsley Studio.

We occasionally have Auctions on eBay!